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NovaCraft (Bukkit, McMMO, Survival)

By 7. mars 2014Bukkit, McMMO, Survival




Port: 25914

Whitelist: Av


This is an 12 month old server but with a new world from 1.7.2. We have a border 4500 from spawn until 1.8. We are an small friendly community. A public server with the private server feeling. There is no raiding , griefing or stealing on this server. This is the perfect place to bring friends or make new ones. We play normal survival minecraft with a few handpicked plugins configured to make the game even more addictive. We also have some minigames and competitions. The only thing nerfed from vanilla is no tnt and creepers don’t destroy blocks. You are also greatly protected from grief on this server. By several plugins and a great staff. All staff including owners also play in survival. In addition to this server we have a mumble server, and a small whitelisted vanilla server for testing out new versions before bukkit is done.

Type/Mods: Bukkit, McMMO, Survival

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